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Maxime Loizeau noted on Google

1 year ago
Nadia M noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good Japanese! (Original) Très bon japonais !

1 year ago
含含 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Our restaurant lives nearby, so we plan to take it home and enjoy it Ordered gyoza and chicken skewers and miso soup one night For the dumpling part, I think it's great to be able to eat this level of dumplings in a non-Asian area! I thought it would not be very tasty, so I was scared The sauce is sour and a bit pungent, but I found that French mando sauce has this feeling, maybe it is a characteristic The meat stuffed in the dumplings does not taste like minced meat, it is a bit like sliced ​​meat. I feel that the frozen dumplings sold in some supermarkets also have this relatively loose taste. The chicken skewers are amazing. The ones my travel companions ate were tender and juicy, but the ones I got were dry and hard. But they are all delicious! So I think it may be that the control is not very good or the thickness is not enough? Really don't buy miso soup!!! There is no material at all and it costs 2 Euros, and the amount of soup is very small, just a spoonful!! (Original) 我們飯店就住在附近 所以打算外帶回去享用 點了餃子和雞肉串 還有一晚味噌湯 餃子的部分我認為在非亞洲區能夠吃到這樣等級的餃子很棒! 我原本以為不會多好吃 所以有嚇到 醬汁偏酸有點刺 但我發現法國滿多醬都有這樣的感覺 也許是特色 餃子內餡的肉不像肉末口感 有點像肉片 感覺部分超市賣的冷凍水餃也是這種比較散的口感 雞肉串的話很神奇 旅伴吃的是鮮嫩多汁的口感但我吃到的那串 乾乾硬硬的 但都有入味!所以我覺得可能是掌控的不太好 或者厚薄度拿捏的不夠? 味噌湯的話真的不要買!!! 完全沒有料還要2歐 而且湯量也很少就是一勺!!

1 year ago
Catherine eliso noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very friendly staff Respect of schedules Quality products (Original) Personnels très sympas Respect des horaires Produits de qualité

1 year ago
Perry Dirkx noted on Google

1 year ago
B D noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good, fresh, order ready on time. The people who received me when ordering and picking up were very friendly. Very reasonable prices for the area. (Original) Très bon, frais, commande prête dans les délais. Les personnes qui m'ont reçu à la commande et au retrait étaient très aimables. Tarifs très raisonnables pour le coin.

1 year ago
Cristina Cubillos noted on Google

(Translated by Google) California salmon! delicious 😋 (Original) California saumon ! délicieux 😋

1 year ago
Nathalie Ling noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good, dishes well presented Pleasant staff (Original) Très bon, assiettes bien présentées Personnels agréables

1 year ago
Hadrien Deltombe noted on Google

1 year ago
Chach DuStaff noted on Google

1 year ago

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